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Portable Wheelchair Ramps in Canada

AccessRamp & Mobility Systems offers a complete line of portable ramps from PVI in Canada. As the original designer and manufacturer of the multi-fold wheelchair ramp, they are the leading manufacturer of portable wheelchair access ramps. PVI ramps are tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

We have portable wheelchair ramps to cover almost every application
Standard threshold ramps from 8″ to 24″ in length and folding ramps from 3’ to 12’
Solid Aluminum ramps from 3′ to 5′ in length
For automotive needs, we have utility and van ramps for both side and rear door applications
PVI wheelchair ramps are lightweight, easy to handle and set up
Durable welded all-aluminum construction provides excellent stability with an anti-slip, high traction surface
Custom widths and applications are also available

Call us with your accessibility needs today.

A Sampling of the Various Ramps We Have to Offer

Threshold Ramps

Threshold ramps

a woman is standing near multi-fold ramps

Multi-fold ramps

a woman holding a single-fold ramp

Single fold ramp

a woman is lifting a single-fold ramp

Single fold ramp

solid platform ramps

Solid platform ramps

single fold ramps

Single fold

view of ramps at the back side of car

Van ramps

Accessibility is Now Easy

Turn your place into an accessible space with one of our portable wheelchair ramps. 

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